ABA In-Action: On the Ground at Pearson College London

On Thursday 10th February 2022 ABA hosted a Social Enterprise Workshop at Pearson College London in Holborn. The workshop was a springboard event to activate and announce the AdamStart (ABA CSR subsidiary) Digital Platform and its succession of upcoming content. In attendance was Ryan Bradford (ABA Assistant MD), Cathy Hogg (ABA UK Educational Lead), Isa Mutlib (CEO and Founder BAME Apprenticeship Alliance) and Kwajo Tweneboa (Social Housing Activist.

Designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of social enteprise, the event was split in mutiple sections and began with some highly engaging ice-breakers – after all, who doesn’t love an ice-breaker?! Throughout the session there was a fantastic level of energy as the students were eager to learn and understand more about both our specific social enterprise, its processes and its purpose, and social entrepreneurship itself. From introductory presentations by ABA to discussions to determine the definitons of entrepreneurship and social activism, the workshop flowed from strength-to-strength and attracted an even greater number of attendees as it progressed to its pinnacle segment inclusive of our guest entrepreneurs.

Prior to our quick-fire Dragon’s Den finale, ABA first invited Kwajo Tweneboa to converse with the students about his long-term activism within the social housing sector. For those to whom this is unbeknown, the UK social housing sector has some serious flaws and unjustifications, and it is these that Kwajo has been tirelessly campaigning to resolve. Although only a recent post-16 student, Kwajo has been determined to ensure that his own personal experience – of living in a home that was in a terrible state of disrepair – does not needlessly happen to anyone else. His efforts are a huge testament to his character and are precisely what sets him apart in a world that is crying out for more positive social action. Kwajo’s traits are directly synonomous with those who work hard to create their own social enteprise, and now he himself has a future career built around a greatly positive, impactful and resonating experience. It’s difficult not to love Kwajo and his work but even more difficult not to hear about them! The effects of his determination are now recognised nationwide so to see some of his recent features, plus learn more about his work, see his LinkedIn profile here or simply search his name in Google.

Our second guest entrepreneur was Isa Mutlib, founder and CEO of the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance. Isa is hugely passionate about increasing access for young talent from underserved communities which, similarly to Kwajo’s social cause, is an experience he experienced himself when he was younger. The BAME Apprenticeship Alliance are on a mission to prepare and connect underrepresented talent to high quality apprenticeships and build workplaces that promote diversity. Isa’s presentation was highly engaging, genuinely eye-opening and massively motivational and created various points for discussion amongst the students. To learn more about Isa and the excellent BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, visit Isa’s LinkedIn profile here.

In combination with Kwajo’s conversation and ABA’s platter of social enterprise and learning activities, the session really was an empowering and inspirational event generating excitement for the upcoming digital programme and Inspiring Futures showcase (scheduled for April 2022)!