All aboard! ABA set to Announce 2022 Strategy

Adam Bradford Agency has entered 2022 in a blaze of new possibility, all of which is made possible via a network of excellent people, valuable partners, exciting new regions and the most dedicated team. We’d like to thank everyone that supports our work and that accompanies us in our vision as it’s this spirit that drives social change and economic success.

In the coming weeks ABA is due to publicly announce its bold new strategy for the year, a strategy that strives to push the organisation to a new level in global impact and reach. We’ve only been able to get this far thanks to an amazing and driven team, so in order to reach new heights we must ensure we continue to correctly position each individual in the business. As such, we’re making a few additions and amendments to the structure of ABA…

Ryan Bradford – Company Director & Assistant MD

Ryan Bradford will move from his current position as Associate Director & Portfolio Manager to Company Director & Assistant MD. The move plays directly into Ryan’s more recent responsibilities with delivery areas including strategy, business development and partner management. During his two years at ABA (and SOGG), Ryan has implemented new processes and more rigid frameworks to ensure consistent project management and compliance, including leading the attainment of ISO9001 certification. Now, Ryan can focus on building the company’s high-level profile and attaining new business across an array of new markets with Director & Company MD, Adam Bradford.

Steve Watson – Associate Director

Steve Watson is an experienced Managing Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Coaching, Management, Media Production and Marketing Strategy, and with a strong appetite for business, Steve plays a pivotal role in ABA’s portfolio. Steve is a long-standing personal friend and professional associate of Adam’s and will now provide special project assistance to the Agency. Qualified with a BA Hons in Media Production focused in Mixed Media (including Radio, Video, Journalism, Photography) from the University of Lincoln, Steve is more than qualified to take ABA to new heights in direct accordance to its upcoming strategy.

Rohim Mohammed – Content Development Manager

A well-qualified and ambitious Business Development Manager and Lecturer with industry experience, Rohim Mohammed is a passionate and innovative changemaker who disrupts social norms by thinking outside the box and taking challenges head-on to re-invent the future. Rohim has a track record for results which is backed by a diverse and highly-commendable professional experience – this history is testament to his drive to provide education and knowledge to people who need (and want) it most. Rohim also has experience in project management and business analysis and runs his own consultancy firm, so he’s quite the entrepreneur himself! At ABA, Rohim will ensure that our content delivery is diverse, relevant, impactful and inspiring, and support the organisation to achieve its ambitious impact and reach goals for 2022.

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