ABA MD Adam Bradford with TCG MD Ayman Al-Awadhi

Emirati-firm pens partnership with Queen’s Young Leader for entrepreneurship programmes 

Dubai-based business consultancy The Corporate Group has today joined hands with Adam Bradford Agency, a social enterprise development firm owned by British entrepreneur and Her Majesty the Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford.  Adam, 29, has over 12 years’ experience in social enterprise and has worked for organisations such as UnLtd – the foundation for social …

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Congratulations JJ and Dennis!

This year’s UAE-focused Inspiring Futures campaign, led by ABA, sought to promote social entrepreneurship and youth-led innovation in the region. Kindly hosted in conjunction with Dan Bolton Creative Management, British Business Group Dubai and with support from FedEx Express, the campaign underlines all of our partners’ commitment to supporting SMEs and emerging entrepreneurs and giving …

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Meet the Founder: Adam Bradford, ABA

Adam Bradford, 29, is a social entrepreneur and the owner and lead consultant at Adam Bradford Agency. The impact-focused consultancy business provides strategic and branding expertise to focused entrepreneurs looking to scale, and provides programmatic support to institutions who support entrepreneurs. Adam Bradford is one of the Queen’s Young Leaders and is a strong advocate …

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Launching Inspiring Futures 2022

We are delighted to launch the 2022 edition of Inspiring Futures in both the Middle East and United Kingdom! Inspiring Futures is our homegrown platform designed to provide mentorship, visibility and accelleration to youth-led businesses. We have already been busily working with our education and business partners in the UK in readiness for the student …

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ABA In-Action: On the Ground at Pearson College London

On Thursday 10th February 2022 ABA hosted a Social Enterprise Workshop at Pearson College London in Holborn. The workshop was a springboard event to activate and announce the AdamStart (ABA CSR subsidiary) Digital Platform and its succession of upcoming content. In attendance was Ryan Bradford (ABA Assistant MD), Cathy Hogg (ABA UK Educational Lead), Isa …

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Fresh From the West Coast

After an astoundingly-productive week in Los Angeles, California, we’re back! Wide-eyed and ready to go, myself and Adam Bradford, Company Director, have returned to the UK and UAE eager to drive forward various outcomes from a week that was full to the brim of creative people, commendable business cases and a consistent air of productivity. …

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