International Youth Day 2021!

Whether you’re a corporate or social entrepreneur you will no-doubt know and understand the value of youth. Within business, our youth can provide perspective and balance on our world and its markets where there may otherwise be misconception, and globally we owe our youth the opportunity and freedom for creativity as they are our future. This is precisely why the United Nations (UN) observes International Youth Day on 12th August every year.

Created in 1999, the General Assembly of the UN endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth that 12th August be declared International Youth Day. The Assembly recommended that public information activities should be organised to support the observance as a way to promote better awareness of the World Programme of Action for Youth, adopted by the General Assembly in 1995.

Adam Bradford Agency, through its social responsibility brand AdamStart, have always valued youth and recognised their power, voice, impact and knowledge. ABA and AdamStart celebrate and champion youth for their dedication for the betterment of society, and have spent the last 10 years activating youths and young people for sustainable development, providing them with enabling environments for taking action on global issues and adding to the global Impact metrics. In 2020 AdamStart featured a global plateau of young entrepreneurs, changemakers, activists, and do-gooders as part of the IYD ceremony and continues to champion youth in all of its work and activity today.

International Youth Day has been annually observed since its conception, even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and has remained current and relevant by way of introducing a specific theme for each of its events. These have included:

  • IYD 2020 – Youth Engagement for Global Action
  • IYD 2019 – Transforming Education
  • IYD 2018 – Safe Spaces for Youth

Currently, AdamStart is working to develop a brand new, groundbreaking, online digital platform with various grassroots and high-level partners. The new space will connect young entrepreneurs, creatives and changemakers with each other, industry experts and other entrepreneurs for the benefit and activation of their projects/ventures. This work demonstrates a continuation of ABA’s dedication to the world’s youth and will be another empowering tool to ensure they can continue to thrive and change the world for the better.