Adam Bradford

Management Changes at ABA

In the first few weeks of 2022, ABA announced its ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ strategy – a vision to equip entrepreneurs, the social enterprise ecosystem and our partners with the capacity and platform to create social good whilst turning a profit.

It is our core belief at ABA that every one and every business has the potential to do good in the communities in which they operate and we live out this ethos with every project we run and every partnership we make. 

We have tested partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and USA so far this year and are delighted in the second half of the year to be able to start evaluating the success and impact of that work. We will shortly be releasing our interim impact statement containing the results of this work.

The structure of ABA is also changing to adapt to the increasing need for our work in developing economies and to serve our mission better. 

CEO and founder Adam Bradford, has today announced that he is taking on a new role as Chair of the ABA Group and will be seeking additional non-executive Directors to join the Group’s advisory board during this quarter. This more streamlined structure, hand-in-hand with the Group’s board of advisors and management team makes way for the introduction of new partners and projects as part of the Everyone a Changemaker strategy. 

In moving to the Chairperson role, Adam will step back from day to day operations of the business in order to focus on personal projects which will also contribute greatly to the vision and mission of the organisation and its vast network of partners and collaborators. The transition will take place on 1st October 2022 and be ratified by the ABA board.