We’re working towards ISO9001

Written by Alex Bradford, Director of Delivery and Governance

We are enormously pleased at Adam Bradford Agency to have passed our Stage 1 external audit in the renewal of our ISO9001 quality standard certification. This is incredibly important to us, as not only is this an internationally recognised standard that gives all suppliers, customers and stakeholders alike confidence in the way that we work, but ensuring we meet the standards of ISO9001 encourages us to constantly assess and aim to improve our efficiency and processes.

With ISO9001 covering all aspects of an organisation’s quality management system, covering topics such as leadership, operations and evaluations to name but a few, it gives assurance that no department of an organisation is left unturned. Processes that reach any stakeholder and affect any aspect of the business, from delivery to HR, are reviewed and measured against by ISO9001, with a continual focus on improvement, especially for the ultimate benefit of the customer.

It is for these reasons that ABA chooses to be audited and certified, to drive continuous self-assessment and improvement, to the point where we can proudly display our achievement of this standard, in the knowledge that we always have the customer in mind. Not only this, but the standard pushes us to a point where we can have peace of mind, via the fact that 9001 sets out a benchmark and encourages great levels of risk and opportunity consideration, and again, ensures that even the most basic of procedures are well maintained to a high standard that not only assist the business by having things in order, but therefore make life easier for us too!